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A Tulsa good time tonight

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But everything was awful. Still, they insisted there was plenty of time to recover from the images of a thinly filled arena, headlines about infected aides and a speech that failed to hit on the most pressing issues with voters. But everything was awful tonight: crowd size, lack of focus in the tonigut, way too many riff stories. To Trump campaign veterans, many of whom have never worked on a losing race, the most commonly expressed gonight is that they expect the planets to once again align as they did inand that the best way for them to pull off another come-from-behind victory is to double down on many of the same tactics they used that year. Inside the White House, there is growing certainty the election will gokd again be decided by a handful of votes, said an administration official.

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Testing, health officials say, is important to understand where and how widely coronavirus is spreading, and therefore prevent further deaths. One key advantage the Trump campaign has cited for months is its fundraising prowess, enabling it to spend heavily on its massive rallies.

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More than 2. Emotions have also been running high following the killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, by police in Minneapolis last month, which sparked widespread anti-racism protests. While it is unlikely Trump would gain ificant ground, even a few thousand more Black votes in a state like Michigan could prove to be pivotal. A Republican strategist who supported Trump in said that on Saturday, the president's campaign team had faced the undeniable combined result of outside circumstances beyond their control, their own missteps and the president's rising election-year insecurity.

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There had been fierce opposition, including a legal challenge rejected by Oklahoma's Supreme Courtagainst holding the rally during the pandemic on health grounds. There were some volatile scenes outside the venue but no serious trouble was reported. Blame the coronavirus for discouraging people from attending.

Related Topics. But the predicament for Trump continues to be that the messaging that resonates with his base, including the language he used in Tulsa Saturday night — the defense of Confederate monuments, Tula threat to use force to respond to protests against police misconduct — alienates those swing voters to whom he needs to appeal to hold on to the White House.

Trump spent large chunks of the speech devoted to himself — complaining about the age of Air Force One and observations of how slowly he walked down a ramp during his public appearance at West Point earlier this month. I guess you could say it starts tonlght Saturday, right?

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We're not conforming," he told the crowd. A White House official later said the president was "obviously kidding" about Covid testing. But to Trump, it was a personal priority — the restart of his campaign after months mostly confined to the White House. Inside the White House, there is growing certainty the election will once again be decided by a handful of votes, said an administration official.

Mr Trump had initially planned to hold the rally on Godo. Tulsa confronts violent past ahead of Trump rally Those attending the rally had to a waiver protecting the Trump campaign from responsibility for any illness. That strategy may have been an effective one at the start of the year, but Trump himself has been an inconsistent messenger at best. Trump's support among non-college-educated white men, seniors and evangelical voters has slipped in polls over the past several months.

But on Friday, Mr Trump announced that the curfew had been lifted for "our many supporters".

The Trump campaign event in Tulsa had all the colour and character of one of his typical rallies. On the coronavirus response, Mr Trump said he had encouraged officials to slow down testing because it led to more tonght being discovered.

Twin trumpworld strategies following 'bad night' in tulsa: blame and hope

Some feared the rally could become a coronavirus "super spreader" event. He described testing as a "double-edged sword". In his opening remarks, Mr Trump said there had been "very bad people outside, they were doing bad things", but did not elaborate. Even if the country is still struggling with millions unemployed and a second wave of the coronavirus in the fall, advisers say they were all but certain the s will have improved from April and May, a White House official said.

Black Lives Matter activists were among the counter-protesters to gather outside the venue before the event. However, it is unclear why attendance was lower than initially anticipated. In a Facebook post, Tulsa Mayor GT Bynum acknowledged that Tulsa's residents were divided over it being the first city to host such an event.

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Blame mischievous liberals for flooding the campaign with fake ticket requests, encouraging the campaign to prepare for massive overflow crowds. We are not going to expand our base five months out from the damn election," said Michael Steele, former chairman of the RNC. Trump wagered a large amount of political capital by holding a rally in the middle of a pandemic, drawing a week of headlines about the public health concerns around such a large indoor gathering.

Is the pandemic getting worse in the US?

Trump’s tulsa rally draws smaller-than-expected crowd

But everything was awful tonight: crowd size, lack of focus in the speech, way too many riff stories. Blame phantom protesters - as the Trump campaign did in a statement - for blocking access to the rally site. None tonlght those bets panned out as expected. InTulsa was the scene of a massacre in which white mobs attacked black people and businesses, killing an estimated people. Some think it is great, some think it is reckless. But he changed the date last week after learning it fell on 19 June, known as Juneteenth, which marks the end of slavery in the US.

Even the data haul was likely tainted by thousands of TikTok users who said they registered for rally tickets they had no intention of using as a way to interfere with the event.

For a campaign struggling to steady itself amid sagging polls and a public increasingly uneasy about the direction of the nation, the president may goox needed more than a comfort-blanket rally that harkens back to better days. If nothing else, the aim is to hold Black turnout to where it was in compared to the higher levels ofthe White House official said. The "Make America Great Again" hats, the Hillary Clinton "lock her up" chants, the ear-piercing soundtrack - squint, and it felt like the kind of raucous celebration that powered Trump to the White House in and buoyed the president through the ups and downs of his presidency.

The Trump campaign tomight sought a of different ways to define Biden, several of which Trump cycled through in Tulsa, including trying to tie him to the far-left wing of the party and attacking his mental acumen.

Mr Trump referred to those in the stadium as "warriors", while blaming the media and protesters for keeping supporters away. Full Panel: Trump 'is playing defense' with rally in Tulsa June 21, But there remained a hope that this moment marked the low point where the effects of the economic shutdown and ogod death of George Floyd are still strongly influencing the mood in the country, aides and advisers said. What did Trump say? Still, they insisted there was plenty of time to recover from the images of a thinly filled arena, headlines about infected aides and a speech that failed to hit on the most pressing issues with voters.

At a peaceful Juneteenth rally in Tulsa on Friday, the civil rights activist Al Sharpton said campaigners could "Make America Great" for everybody for the first time. Peter Alexander contributed.

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Regardless of where each of us falls on that spectrum, we will go through it as a community," he wrote. The image of somber-faced Trump emerging from Marine One well after midnight with his collar unbuttoned and his tie uncharacteristically undone, walking toward the White House clutching a red Make America Great Again cap, rocketed across social media overnight. Whatever the reason, those massive crowds simply didn't materialise.

Almostpeople have died with Covid in the US since the pandemic began, a that health experts say could have been much higher had testing not been ramped up. They test and they test.