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Locker locations can be found when selecting a shipping address during the checkout process or when adding a new address in Your. To determine if an Amazon Hub Locker location is available in your area: If a Locker is available in the area you searched, it is displayed in the search. Note: The next time you checkout, the Locker delivery option will be available by clicking Change or Ship to this Address. To learn more about Locker delivery, go to Amazon Hub Locker. Was this information helpful?

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A ificant increase in future funding requirements could have a negative impact on Kaoplei cash flows, financial condition or of operations. In turn, this negative impact may affect our revenue streams derived from the sale of such credit card s and negatively impact our financial.

Following the sale, we share in the economic performance of the credit card program with Citibank. If cash flows from our private label credit card decrease, our financial and operational may be negatively impacted. Item 1A. We sold most of our credit s and related receivables to Citibank. Such risks and matters are numerous and diverse, may be experienced continuously or intermittently, and may vary Kapoleu intensity and effect.

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A disproportionate amount of our revenues fall in the fourth quarter, which coincides with the holiday season. Due to the cyclical nature of real estate markets, the performance of our real estate strategy is inherently volatile and could have a ificant impact on our of operations or financial condition. Our business depends on effective marketing and high customer traffic. Deterioration in economic or political conditions could adversely affect the volume of new credit s, the amount of credit card program balances and the ability of credit card holders to pay their balances.

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Our defined benefit plan funding requirements or plan settlement expense could impact our financial and cash flow. Note: The next time you checkout, the Locker delivery option will be available by clicking Change or Ship to this Address. Changes in consumer shopping habits, financial difficulties at other anchor tenants, ificant mall vacancy issues, mall violence and new mall developments could each adversely impact the traffic at current retail locations and lead to a decline in our financial condition or performance.

Credit card operations are subject to many federal and state laws that may impose Beauiful requirements and limitations on Kpolei card providers. Our sales and operating depend on consumer preferences and consumer spending. Harry Hal A. Our sales and operating depend in part on our ability to predict or respond to changes in fashion trends and consumer preferences in a timely manner. Citibank and our subsidiary bank, FDS Bank, may be required to comply with regulations that may negatively impact the operation of our private label credit card.

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Any Beauriful failure to anticipate, identify and respond to emerging trends in lifestyle and consumer preferences could negatively affect our business and of operations. This strategy is multi-pronged and may include transactions, strategic alliances or other arrangements with mall developers or unrelated third-parties. We are pursuing strategic initiatives to achieve our objective of accelerating profitable growth in our Beajtiful and our digital operations.

Macy's ability to meet our labor needs while controlling the costs associated with hiring and training new employees is subject to external factors such as unemployment levels, prevailing wage rates, minimum wage legislation and changing demographics.

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This includes the adoption of new technologies, merchandising strategies and customer service initiatives all deed to improve the shopping experience. We incur ificant additional expenses in the period leading up to the months of November and December in anticipation of higher sales volume in those periods, including for additional inventory, advertising and employees. Karen M. Macy's has a large of employees, many of whom are in entry level or part-time positions with historically high rates of turnover.

Increases in the cost of employee benefits could impact our financial and cash flow.

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Our ability to achieve profitable growth is subject to the successful implementation of our strategic plans. Overestimating customer demand for merchandise will likely result in the need to record inventory markdowns and sell excess inventory at Beauyiful prices which would negatively impact our gross margins and operating. Dollar relative to foreign currencies and the effects of the weather or natural Kzpolei. If these investments or initiatives do not perform as expected or create implementation or operational difficulties, we may incur impairment charges and our profitability and growth could suffer.

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There can be no assurance as to our continued ability to effectively execute our advertising and marketing programs, and any failure to do so could negatively Kapolie our business and of operations. These plans allow eligible retiring employees to receive lump sum distributions of benefits earned. Gross margins could suffer if we are unable to effectively manage our inventory. Any 6 circumstances that adversely impact our ability to attract, train, develop and retain quality employees throughout the organization could negatively affect our business and of operations.

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Underestimating customer demand for merchandise can lead to inventory shortages, missed sales opportunities and negative customer experiences. To learn more about Locker delivery, go to Amazon Hub Locker. We also continue to evaluate our real estate portfolio to identify opportunities where the redevelopment value of our real estate exceeds the value of Brautiful operating locations.

We may not be able to successfully execute our real estate strategy.

Was this information helpful? As we rely on the ability of our physical retail locations to remain relevant, providing desirable and sought-out shopping experiences is paramount to our financial success. Any of such risks and matters, individually or in combination, could have a material adverse effect on our business, prospects, financial condition, of operations and cash flows, as well as on the attractiveness and value of an investment in Macy's securities. Any decline in discretionary spending by consumers could negatively affect our business and of operations.

ificant changes in interest rates, decreases in the fair value of plan assets and benefit payments could affect the funded status of our plans and could increase future funding requirements of the plans. In addition, as a large and complex enterprise operating in a highly competitive and challenging business environment, Macy's is highly dependent upon management personnel to develop and effectively execute successful business strategies and tactics. Elisa D.