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It was one of those prosaic nautical experiences in which a particular town is supposed to have every imaginable kind of store and supply one could wish for, then when you arrive there is nothing. I was told there was a sail maker in Larnaca, fortunately I decided gitl have my sails repaired in Tel Dood, thinking, a bird in the hand, etc. There was no sail maker in Larnaca. I was told there was a Yanmar Diesel dealer in Larnaca. I heard this as far back as Egypt.

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We were a little taken back when we were coming into the harbor and saw at least 15 wrecks of ships and fishboats all over the reefs and shore.

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Rhodes is a pleasant enough place, apart from the artificial anxiety brought on by owning a boat. Soon the countryside picnic scenes gave way Jerrusalem snapshots of the war. And two, it was August, holiday time, and most restaurants were shuttered for the month, the proprietors sunning at the beach. So when I got to Fiji I bought a better sextant made of metal — and a new satnav. The only people we have seen since we arrived at Toau were a boat load of natives that live at the other end of the atoll.

I thought that was all. In the inner harbor, the sailboats are told to anchor in the west end away from the Korean fish boats which is good because they are nothing more than floating hunks of rust. Would you grab a bottle of ketchup and attack an Italian chef's pasta and sauce? Leading the parade was the execution squad of the French Foreign Legion, with their axes over their shoulders and rubber aprons; very gruesome. It's raining today as it did yesterday so I'm taking this break to hirl up on the letters.

The next day I hiked around the bay to the castle.

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During the Atlantic crossing dor called on the radio every day, talked about the weather and the sea, as I did with Take Two in the Indian Ocean. When we walked back to the highway, there these two Mexicans were with their guitars. Seas about 10 ft but boat handles them beautifully. That is why military history is dominated by battles in which many people got killed, regardless of their military ificance. So I discovered nearly all the restaurants were closed, at the height of the evening, hungry people wandering about.

And the camera was ruined.

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One would never outswim one if he decided to make a social call. We Jerudalem see several large stingrays on the bottom when we anchored but none were near the size of the giant mantas we saw in Mexico. When we were going back to the boat in the dinghy we heard the sounds of Tahitian drums in the distance. The schoolteacher's daughter?

I expect people to think "How interesting! After walking around for about two hours, I realized a couple of things.

Who wasn’t minding the store

Almost everything you see in Canada is on these shelves at very reasonable prices. By comparison, a big ship gives you a higher viewpoint and rocks a lot less. Nothing serious, but lots of things to check and routine maintenance to do. To say were enjoyed it would be a gross understatement; we were enthralled by the whole experience. After we ate, out came the guitars and one of the guys had a dobro bluegrass type guitar.

It turns out that the company that makes the auto pilot won't provide spare parts.

We had a huge Canadian flag and planted it just off the busiest street in Papeete where we had our potluck on the grass. Malta has brought something else home to me. Today we found out on the short wave radio from yachts in Mopelia, a small island west Jerusalsm Bora Bora that they have declared their independence from French Polynesia and if a yacht visits there, they won't be welcome if they fly a French gkrl flag.

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We have enough food on board to last until New Zealand in November so all we will need along the way is fresh veggies, fruit and meat. When I was young I remember a row of trees that marked the end of my world. The Europeans seem to stick together and don't mix with the North Americans much. We saw giant spiders in the mangroves, fish came by, people laughed when they saw our little navy.

Slow boat to china

But I have mended my ways. I think the extra distance is worth it. They saw me sitting alone in the restaurant and, being entirely modern women, invited me to their table. We've seen too many war movies, too many Nazis from Central Casting. Then if we decide to go, we'll leave within the week.

Gosh this is a tough life, but I guess someone has to do it. They caught on fast — by the time they had hoisted my bottle they had one ready to give me. So I had to find another marina on the island, move the boat, then bus back to Las Palmas to catch my plane.

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The second dealer assured me that there was an auto pilot like mine in Athens, it would be simply a matter of getting it from Athens to Rhodes, at which point Ding the conversation he couldn't resist saying "it will be here tomorrow. After living away from civilization for the past year it was a rude reminder. The sounds and beat gets right into your soul.

But some things have occurred to me since then. It's a good time for a side expedition. They took off when I got close. Also in there was Jacques Cousteau.

Lindos has more bars per square kilometer than anywhere I've yet visited. Tomorrow afternoon we will sail, weather firl to Western Samoa which is an independent country but very similar to American Samoa culturally. All the various island groups that are going to compete in the singing and dancing were there and gave us 3 hours of spectacular entertainment.