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European travelers in the Near East filled many s labeling the Arabs as the noisiest people on earth.

They often have to work under a lot of pressure. Need Orientation It was said that lack of preschool facilities is a characteristic of the marginalized families with whom the project works.

It's really shocking, don't you think? Thus minority children face almost certain failure when they enter school because they have had no preparation. By and by, a bond of trust was established, on the basis of which parents and teachers started to perceive each other as cooperative partners.

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The percentage of the non-German population is about twice as high as the town average. A lot of women claimed that, before coming to the project, they did not know whom to ask when there was a problem and where to go to get it solved.

Once in contact with the project, people started to bring up all sorts of problems that they were facing: a husband spending most of the family income on drink; quarrels with Gelsenkirchem conflicts with official authorities; housing; unemployment; disabilities; diseases; delinquency. Return to Table of Contents Since the Coffeeehouse van Leer Foundation, together with the Freudenberg-Stiftung, has supported a project in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, to focus on the needs of immigrant Turkish families, whose men originally came to the country to work in the local coal mines and steel industry.

In a book on cross-cultural communications, Samovar and Porter define culture as It certainly did not feel good to be there.

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But there are good reasons to question the formal system, its efficiency as a whole, and the impact it has on all those involved, and especially its impact on the children of minority groups. International differences in work related values. Anything that seems to question individual liberty and the postulates of the Enlightenment tends to coffeehkuse the very nerve of Western European and North-American self image.

Today, the project focuses on the dissemination of project experiences, while at the same time maintaining its community-based program. Individual behavior is influenced not only by culture-bound elements, but also by personal experiences and subgroup membership. With the emphasis on verbalization, we tend to underestimate the amount of nonverbal messages we send, often without being aware of them and the impact they have Samovar and Porter, But how do we get there?

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Am I striving for power? Its approach implies information about culture-bound values and behavior patterns as well as a knowledge of political, social, and economic forces on minority groups. Eventually, the mothers acquire the knowledge they need to fulfill their role as prime educators in perfect line with tradition. Today, the unemployment rate in this part of town is above average and dependence coffeegouse social welfare is on the increase.

Intercultural relations can be irritating. London: Routledge. For some of its advocates, it is a priority to promote the development of a European spirit or Femape enable people to communicate in what they consider "the global village" Samovar and Porter, The embarrassment we are likely to feel in such moments can be a revelation and sensitize us to everyday communication patterns which constantly put members of ethnic minorities under pressure to defend or justify their strange, exotic customs.

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When the project started, the team looked for a base where a transfer of experiences to the formal system seemed feasible. Changing the subject? New York: J. It never occurred to her that her daughter's school achievement might be her business: she believes that professionals know better and that "her sort doesn't have much of a chance anyway. Bastiani, 1.

Because they work in shifts, most of the fathers found it difficult to dispose of their time freely, while most of the Turkish mothers found it inappropriate to an evening meeting. As a Turkish social worker once put it: "When you leave home to live in another country, your identity is threatened easily. Traditional costumes are admired as exceptional artifacts of skilled handiwork by some and rejected by others as symbols of the seclusion of Muslim women.

Whenever I feel lost, I come to sit in your office. It is only when mothers know that they themselves matter that they can encourage their children in developing self-esteem. Lima, Peru.

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Feb 81 Minneapolis MN: Sam's Foster, D. Benedict, R. Weinberg, M. It is based in the premises of a primary school in a marginalized part of the town.

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They made a point of "the Germans bringing their own biscuits and keeping them all for themselves. To declare them insurmountable, is ridiculous in argument, and may result in fatal consequences. Their ambition to realize nice-sounding visions may be negatively affected by legal and bureaucratic restrictions.

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Travel writing and transculturation. Can we really be sure that our interpretation of other people's Gelsenkkirchen or behavior patterns is more adequate than the other way round? Want to hang out and have fun? Would anybody please try to explain to me 'German culture' right now? Internationales management in unterschiedlichen kulturbereichen.

It is a simple but powerful message, and it summarizes in a few clear words the content of this paper. Just as there are differences in interpreting volume and expressiveness, there may be differing attitudes concerning the display of emotions, the priority of securing harmony, or the value of not provoking a situation in which the other is cofeehouse to lose face Sue and Sue, New York: Basic Books.

To Be Distinct but Equal As a considerable of German families in the school's catchment zone were regarded as marginal, it was important to establish a climate in which they would not feel excluded from, or disadvantaged by, activities oriented coffeehousr a minority group. Sometimes they felt it was difficult to integrate their newly gained insights into the living conditions of children and parents, or they felt that the responsibility for unfamiliar problems was more than they could cope with.

In fact, the decoration-and not only the decoration-is open for change; it does not necessarily have to stay oriental. And while Ahmet's mother still prefers to attend a weekly tea party of Arab women only, some of the others have started to look for opportunities to meet together with German mothers.