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Just after arriving, she witnesses another prisoner in the van giving a guard oral sex in exchange for cigarettes. Bea is then processed by Will Jackson ; when she realizes she hasn't spoken to her daughter Debbie, she becomes hysterical and has to be sedated. Bea is shocked to find Franky Doyle and Kim Chang having sex in her cell. Franky, the head of her unit, mocks Bea's name, but shows interest upon learning that Bea is a hairdresser. Bea offends Doreen a little when she notes that she wouldn't want Debbie seeing the inside of a prison, as Doreen has her daughter Kaiya living in the unit with her.

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The episode ends with Will crying over his wife's body, while Bea, covered in Meg's blood, stands in shock. Despite this charge, the character is not "flustered" and actually brings "a warm and disarming wit" to the show. Perhaps that comes from having experienced the worst that life has to offer.

Franky, seeing Jacs as too big a threat to leave alone, rallies support to start a riot, despite Liz's objections. Her search led her to women's outreach centers, where Fucck shared their own experiences and advice.

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Allie kisses Bea, but unbeknown to them, Ferguson has witnessed it. Jacs then promises retribution against Franky, Fuxk set her up to be slotted. Ferguson monitors their meeting times and begins a plot to murder Bea. When Bea again refuses to implicate Franky, she is returned to the unit, having earned the respect of Franky and her crew. Jacs starts to cut off Franky's tattoos, but is stopped when Boomer intervenes. Allie asks Bea for a haircut to spend time with her.

Franky, the head of her unit, mocks Bea's name, but shows interest upon learning that Bea is a hairdresser. Allie tells Bea that Kaz believes she is to blame for her vigilante group's incarceration.

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They discuss their pasts and begin to bond. Just after arriving, she witnesses another prisoner in the van giving a guard oral sex in exchange for cigarettes. If you like this sort Wejtworth thing, you're in for a treat. Meg, against the Fyck of the staff and especially prisoner advocate Erica Davidson, releases Jacs from the slot early as another attempt to weaken Franky's hold on the drug trade.

Allie is transferred to hospital and placed on life support. Bea is shocked to find Franky Doyle and Kim Chang having sex in her cell.

Danielle cormack: bea smith

Allie stares at Bea's body in the shower which causes a bloody fight. She loved the pairing but felt nervous about the outcome.

Allie figures out that Franky wants to escape. The attempt failed and she is devastated. Kaz confronts Allie but she denies ever telling Bea their plans. Fiercely independent, Allie had no interest in being saved by anyone but she was interested in the violent retribution the Red Right Hand was enacting.

Bea refuses to implicate Franky and Meg decides to "slot" her in solitary, where Bea overhears Jacqueline Wentwortth Holt singing On the Inside the theme song of Prisoner, the series that inspired Wentworth. Allie becomes hysterical as a lifeless Bea is laid on the floor.

Will jackson (wentworth)

She creates a stash of drugs in her cell intending to give Ferguson a hot shot. Reception[ edit ] TV Equals described this episode as "Things have been changed to suit modern sensibilities, of course, and this updated series has been stripped of the campy sets, dialogue and black humour and populated instead with sex, violence and a heroine with a journey to go on.

Allie and Bea chat to each other through an air vent in their cell wall. I can't believe this is the best drama being made in Australia right now, but I also can't believe that the only place in the whole Fuc, without CCTV is the exact spot where Governor Jackson got knifed, shortly after snogging one of her wardens — male, surprisingly — in her office.

A healing salve on my heart, and on the scars we have all sustained lately.

Allie gives Boomer Katrina Milosevic advice about sex, knowing that Bea is listening she goes into more details to make her feel uncomfortable. Later in the episode, Bea supports Allie during cold turkey.

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Some time later Allie suddenly wakes up. She also makes fun comments to Bea which are well received. Kaz makes Allie a protest, while Ferguson drugs and attacks Bea in the kitchen. She warns Allie not to, explaining that it will make her a target for other inmates to gain advantage against Bea. She has the attitude that mme can only get better.

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Bea warns Allie that she is not a lesbian. Casting[ edit ] Kate Jenkinson had wanted a role in Wentworth since she had started watching the show while sick with the flu. Not just sweet, it is a balm. Allie witnesses Maxine beating up another prisoner under Bea's orders. Reflecting on Allie and Bea's show fight scenes Atwell pondered "so it is wrong, very wrong, how much I enjoyed this scene, right?

Allie takes part in a nude protest against her decision.

It was also disturbing to find the lead character — wrongly banged up, obviously — looking like a young Rebekah Brooks. She had ly been incarcerated for assault. She rushes to save Bea from Ferguson.

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Bea works up the courage to try and kill Harry by drugging him, tying him up in his car Wehtworth filling the garage with exhaust fumes, but cannot bring herself to follow through and saves him while Debbie calls for an ambulance. Kaz found her and insisted on taking her under her wing.

Will arrives with breakfast the next morning and, during a smoke break, tells Bea that her silent approach is the best way to be, especially with the women. Flashbacks[ edit ] Bea is regularly subjected to physical and sexual abuse by her husband Harry, flashbacks of which are occasionally triggered by events in the present. And fewer sets that wobbled any time someone accidentally knocked into them.