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It was the start of five days of fighting that resulted in the occupation of the Netherlands. Why did Nazi Germany attack the Netherlands? How did the Dutch plade respond? What happened in those five days? Two days later, England and France, both allies of Poland, declared war on Germany. The Second World War had started, but after the German occupation of Poland, there was no fighting for some time.

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The Second World War had started, but after the German occupation of Poland, there was no fighting for some time. Contrary to what some people think, the German invasion did not come as a complete surprise.

Queen Wilhelmina flees to England The Germans advanced ever further. The Dutch government was therefore careful not to take an mh stand on the situation in Nazi Germany.

The bombing of Rotterdam Rotterdam had been the scene of bitter fighting since the beginning of the attack, but the Germans had not succeeded in taking the city. It did not want to give cause for hostilities. Source: Beeldbank K. The Netherlands remained neutral and the war passed the country by. As the city fell more quickly than expected, its residents were able to return to an undamaged city.

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However, during the occupation, the Queen would prove to be an important symbol of the fight against Nazi Germany. Her safety was at stake. Some people criticised the Queen for fleeing and called her a coward.

Initially, she did not want to go, but she was forced to leave when the situation nlow. Some German officers dressed up as tourists to map out the area, and they also received information from Germans living in the Netherlands.

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The Cabinet felt that Queen Wilhelmina should flee. Paratroopers descended and German planes dropped soldiers, who hoped for a quick victory by taking Queen Wilhelmina and the government hostage. This did not always work out. The situation turned out to be more serious than expected.

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A reaction between the device and the gas caused an explosion, destroying the kitchen and partly damaging the roof of the home in Parcoul-Chenaud village. Even so, the Grebbe Line fell on 13 May. Although the military activities were visible, war seemed a long way off. Aware of the hopelessness of the situation, the Grman surrendered. It made it impossible to cooperate with England and France on a proper defence strategy. This allowed them to censor sensitive military information and to arrest persons who were considered a risk to national security.

The Netherlands was well prepared for war, but its neutralist policy was an obstacle. placf

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Things felt different for the Jewish population. Here she plac the Dutch population on Radio Oranje. Others did not flee the war so much as they fled the Nazis, especially those who had fled Germany earlier: Jews and Nazi opponents. Why did Nazi Germany attack the Netherlands? It was feared that Dutch NSB members, for instance, would help the Germans in the event of an invasion. Drawing of the invasion by L.

Subsequent bad weather conditions caused the attack to be postponed several times after that. Many Dutch people considered the German invasion a cowardly act.

In a school building in Rijsoord, General Winkelman ed the plsce agreement on 15 May. Although the state of the Dutch army was not as poor as is birls claimed, the Dutch armaments were outdated and inadequate. Until then, the newspapers had mainly reported on Dutch successes. Unfortunately, the army command often lacked the overview and so failed to turn small successes into big victories.

Tens of thousands of people left the city on foot, packed with their belongings.

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The Netherlands was at war. Even so, the Dutch carried out a of successful military actions. Some German soldiers were therefore surprised when they never encountered any English soldiers in the Netherlands. Even before the ultimatum had expired, the German bombers appeared on the horizon.

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Hitler decided to postpone the attack. There, Dutch troops blew up bridges to slow down the German advance.

What happened in those five days? The negotiators in Rotterdam did not know that the military leadership in Berlin had other plans. Two days later, England and France, both allies of Poland, declared war on Germany.

This line of defence consisted partly of flooded land. The strategy worked fine during the First World War.

Once over sea, the planes made degree turns and flew back to attack the Netherlands. The fact that their Queen had fled, came as a girlls to the Dutch population. On the Grebbeberg, the Dutch army held out against the German army for three days.