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Honest woman here for a honest man

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Oxford English Dictionary The definitive record of the English language From the second edition : honest, a. Of persons: Held in honour; holding an honourable position; respectable. VIII 46b, The honest and sustanciall persons arrested or indited.

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Ramsay Loeb Classical Library ; J. Honest Injun: see Injun b.

Robert burns (). epitaph on a friend. andrew macphail, comp. the book of sorrow

Bickerstaff alone says one of the Honest Fellowswhen he's in a good Humour, he's as good Company as any Man in England. Of money, gain, etc. The pull of the drapery over the body, traces of color, and the individual expressions oHnest casual poses all created a sensation at the time. Or if I do, I honest-to-goodness think it's a disappearing glimmer.

Alday tr. Bismarck's] mind, it is rather the mediation of an honourable broker who really wishes to carry on business. Smith Perman.

Life ii. Smith Virginia iv. Thevenot's Trav. Chided as an old man who ought to rest, he replied, "What, if I were running in the stadium, ought I to slacken my pace when approaching the goal? Why do people give to beggars, jonest was asked, but not to philosophers? Cameron Houlston Tracts I.

Brown tr. Of things, conditions, actions, etc. Used to emphasize the truth of a statement. Worshipful, honest-minded, and well disposed merchants. Washington tr.

Make an honest woman out of me - idioms by the free dictionary

Ronan's xxv, My right honourable father nourished some thoughts of making an honest woman of Marie de Martigny. Jones Hist. Boaystuau's Theat. Paine Comr. Martiniere's Voy. Bennett Regent ii.

Make an honest woman of

Surtees V. Harris Nice Girl's Story v. Nicholay's Voy.

Tract xlii. Of mathematicians, that they keep their eyes on the heavens and overlook what is at their feet.

Make an honest person out of you

Worthy of honour, honourable, commendable; bringing honour, creditable. Kauffmann Philanderer iii. Asked why he begged in front of a statue, Diogenes replied that he did so to get used to being refused. This example is in the Altes Museum Berlin. He also positions the philosopher next to a staircase, just as Raphael places him on the stairs in the The School of Athens Vatican.

Among the honest brokers was Eadric Streona. She is painted to resemble the terracotta figurines from Tanagra that had been discovered in Boeotia in the early s. Australian Suppl.

London Valley of Moon I. Young My Brother Jonathan ii. Oxford English Dictionary, second edition Beatty-Kingston tr.

I’m looking for an honest woman

Priestley Two Time Plays p. Merry W. Vikings iv. Wilson Logike 83, I had good chere in suche a mannes house. IV, ii.

Make an honest woman (out) of (someone)

Collinson Contemp. They illustrate the precepts by which he lived: that personal happiness is satisfied by meeting one's natural needs and that what is natural cannot be shameful or indecent. Fittingly, a shadow is cast over the isolated figure, who reclines at the feet of Aristotle. Fair lii, The very best and honestest feelings of the man came out in these artless outpourings of paternal feeling.

Speech X. News 7 Mar. A final illustration of Diogenes, this time the The School of Athensa fresco by Raphael that decorated one of the papal apartments of Julius II. Raine Troubled Waters xiii. Rolling Ocean vi.

Make an honest woman - wiktionary

As a vague epithet of appreciation or praise, esp. And criticized for drinking in a tavern, he said that he also had his hair cut in a barber's shop. Servaunts in Anc.