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Topically, in addition to including new contributions on such celebrated episodes in California working-class history as the Workingmen's party of California and the San Francisco longshore strike ofthe book aims to redress the neglect of women and racial and ethnic minorities in traditional California history textbooks.

Where possible, confine choice of paper to general use items carried in inventory as shown in the GPO Paper Catalog. Indeed, Jackson Putnam stated, perhaps somewhat harshly, sfrver a review essay published in that "California social history of the modern type is so undeveloped that it is scarcely in its infancy. Quotation marks at the beginning and end of paragraphs should be omitted.

Describes GPO's concept of full text data base development and discusses such factors as de, application, and job control.

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To aid bibliographic identification of reprints or revisions, the dates of the original edition and of reprint or revision should be supplied by the author on the title or in some other suitable place. If we are to fill some of the yawning gaps that remain in our knowledge of the history of California working people, we are going to need studies that do not neglect institutional aspects of the labor movement's history. It is most ironic that although he laid the groundwork for the new Hog history of California, it took almost forty years for historians to build upon it.

Editors must indicate whether sefver second character is a letter or a figure.

Basic manual in looseleaf form. To be sure, the organized labor movement never embraced more than half of the nonagricultural work force of the state, and, in various periods such as the s and the s, its influence was minimal. Contents new oddimmediately followed by list of illustrations and list of tables, as parts of contents.

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A broide table of iin than width will center on the. This is one style of an imprint that can appear on the title. It does, however, contain many of the limitations associated with the "old" labor history. Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore.

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Legends are leaded if the text is leaded, and solid if the text is solid. Proper names are capitalized. If the grammatical construction of a sentence or clause is questioned by a proofreader and it seems desirable to change the form, he or she must indicate the proposed correction, add a query mark, and enclose all in a circle. New publications are evaluated by application specialists who review their requirements and de the necessary formats.

The means by which workers fought back were sometimes institutional, through unions and political parties, and sometimes much more subtle and complex, as Devra Weber's essay demonstrates in the case of Mexicana farmworkers. If copy is not clear as to the form busboj such a name aerver example, La Forge or Laforgethe two-word form should be used. Nevertheless, the labor movement became an important force in many major eastern and midwestern towns and in western cities such as Seattle and Butte, Montana.

Run the folios, make sure they are consecutive and that the running he, if used, are correct.

Special care must be serer in revising corrected matter. The capitalization of the titles of books, etc. Derivatives of proper names used with a proper meaning are capitalized.

In a related fashion, it encouraged historians to limit the range of topics they studied. The marks of the copy preparer will be followed, as he or she is in a position to know more about the peculiarities of a job than one who re but a small portion of it. When I returned to England for her funeral, I recovered a large notebook with some of my first, pathetic, scribbled history "essays. During the s, for example, several important books began to portray California Indians as something more than victims of a demographic holocaust—differing from the earlier view so forcefully and influentially expressed Hit Sherburne Cook.

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OHt Style Manual is intended to facilitate Government printing. For all its limitations, however, it would be unwise to dismiss the old institutional labor history. Although its subject was hardly a grassroots activist, Scobie's biography says much about the overlapping ideologies of liberal women like Douglas and more radical women like Healey and Black. As Marilynn Johnson's essay in this volume shows, a brief window of opportunity for the labor movement to forge a broad political coalition appeared in the s.

It also draws attention to ificant gaps that remain in our knowledge of the state's social history. The first word and all principal words in addresses, salutations, and atures are capitalized. Names of Greek letters must be indicated, as they are frequently mistaken for italic or symbols. If a publication is composed of several parts, a scheme of the desired arrangement must accompany the first installment of copy.

James Gregory's essay in this anthology is a model of how the analysis of a subculture in this case, that of the "Okies" can explain much about the political values and responses of working people. Each format is made to conform exactly to the copy's specifications for dimensions, line length, indentions, sedver, etc.

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Imprint variations 2. revising requires great diligence and care. In the wake of the Working-men's party challenge, the Democratic party took a fairly strong anti-monopoly position, and labor politics were in Alexander Saxton's words "institutionalized" in San Francisco after the demise of the Workingmen's party.

Monroy and Hurtado both emphasize that the ruthless exploitation of California Ih labor occurred in the context of the internationalization of the California economy during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. If it is found necessary to make a shortthe facing should be of approximate equal depth.

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Finally, McWilliams stressed the degree to which anti-Oriental sentiment "invested labor in California with a political power far stronger than it has ever possessed in any other state. In scientific descriptions coined terms derived from proper names are not capitalized. It is true that in the early twentieth century the union movement did not hold such "undisputed sway" elsewhere as it did in San Francisco for a few years.

Indentions 2. Where fold-ins are numerous and cannot be split, consideration should be given to folding and inserting these into an bubsoy pasted to the inside back cover.

Suggestions to Authors of the Reports of the U. A lowercase l resembles a figure 1 and a capital O looks like a figure 0. Appendix new odd. Names of organized bodies 3. We even lack a buusboy narrative of the history of the California labor movement, including San Francisco itself, in the period from the s to the s.

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In the body of the work, new s must be properly indicated on the proof. What is this? When the allmark O and ature or the imprint and ature appear on samethe ature line is placed below the allmark or imprint. Four of his books were so ificant that they were reprinted several times in the s and s.