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About sharing image copyrightAFP One to ago schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen - her "crime", to have spoken up for the right of girls to be educated.

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On 12 July, nine months after the shooting, came a major milestone - Malala stood up at 22 UN headquarters in New York and addressed a specially convened youth assembly.

Camera crews besieged the hospital compound as a tide of shock and revulsion spread through Pakistan. Then she heard one ask: "Who is Malala? Untilit was a semi-autonomous principality - its ruler known as the Wali. Can you see it's not like it usually is?

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She is an extraordinary young woman, wise beyond her years, sensible, sensitive and focused. Her last memory was of being on a school bus in Swat - now she was waking up surrounded by strangers, in a foreign country. Outside the door of her old classroom is a framed newspaper cutting about her. The procedure would be a lengthy one, and this time Malala was herself able to weigh up the gitl.

A cochlear implant was also inserted into Malala's left ear to correct damage to her hearing caused by the bullet.

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She attempted to write, but she had poor control of the pencil - unsurprising for someone with a head injury. I have travelled to her home town in Pakistan, seen the school that moulded her, met the doctors who treated her and spent time with her and her family, for one reason - to answer the same question barked by the gunman who flagged down her school bus last October: "Who is Malala?

We are all with her. It's a mountainous place, cool in summer and snowy in winter, within easy reach of the capital, Islamabad.

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I find one of those well-wishers in her own street in Swat, just outside the home that she never made it back to, on the afternoon she was shot. Given Malala's age, paediatric intensive care specialist Fiona Reynolds was the obvious choice. Though he couldn't say for sure, Fisher said it's possible the judge in the case was swayed by an emotional address Ma gave the court during the proceeding, during which she addressed the victim directly.

Within a few months, he had presented the schoolgirls of Swat to the visiting prime minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, and his wife Raana. That was indeed the case in Pakistan.

We'll hide my father in a cupboard and call the police. Ziauddin Yousafzai remembers it as the biggest day of his life.

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The worst period came at the end ofwhen the local Taliban leader, Mullah Gkrl, issued a dire warning - all female education had to cease within a month, or schools would suffer consequences. I didn't want to see my life in that way. I remember it well from childhood holidays in Pakistan. I still try to live normally but yes, my life has changed a lot," she tells me.

Malala's grl was at the Press Club when a phone call came to tell him one of his school buses had been attacked. The multi-disciplinary team was led by emergency care consultant Javid Kayani, a British Pakistani who maintains close links with the land of his birth.

Malala remembers the moment well: "'How grl they stop us going to school? Yes, he says. But as the bus progressed along its route Malala says she did notice something unusual - the road seemed deserted.

As he was escorted out of the courthouse by court officers, Papoose reportedly added, "Lock me up! As Adnan Aurangzeb says, "Swat was proud of its record on education… one way to identify a Swati outside of Swat was that he always had a pen in his chest pocket, and that meant he was literate. A high-profile military operation had cleared out most militants but others had stayed behind, keeping a low profile.

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Malala's kidneys appeared to have shut down, her heart and circulation were failing, and she needed drugs to support her unstable blood pressure. But my latest trip felt very different - the BBC crew made the journey with a military escort. I'm a wife, mother, daughter, big sister. The girl from Swat has gone global, but she still believes she can and will return home to Pakistan. Malala showed it to me, It is a poignant reminder of her search for answers in that period, especially the where she simply asks, "Who did this to me?

Lock me up! Soon afterwards, there was outrage across Pakistan after a video emerged from Swat showing the Taliban flogging a year-old girl for alleged "illicit relations" with a man.

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Once she was out of intensive care, doctors began to consider what could be done about the paralysis of the left side of her face, which had caused great distress to her parents when they were reunited with her in Birmingham. The entry wound of the bullet was above her left brow. There are gkrl fears for her security and also criticism that she attracts too much attention, especially in girp West. Soon, Swat became known across Pakistan for the of professionals it was producing - especially ggo and teachers.

On March 27, Remy Ma born Reminisce Smith26, was found guilty of two charges of assaultin connection with an argument she had with a friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, last July, during which Barnes-Joseph was shot two times while the two women struggled in a car. One day after her planned jailhouse nuptials to fellow rapper Papoose were called off due to a misunderstanding about an alleged skeleton key Pap was wearing when he showed up at Rikers Island prison, the MC was sentenced to eight years in prison.

But she seems sanguine about any criticism. The person can be paralysed afterwards. She asked what gl were available, knowing that acute medicine is often far ahead of rehab.

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There are moments when she misses her old anonymity, but says it's "human nature" to want what you don't have. Her progress was by II being followed not just in Pakistan but around the world. The two men discussed the situation with local army commanders.