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Jazz lover mature caring friend

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The South Florida Jazz Scene Al will continue to share his take on the jazz scene in this semi-regular column. In the meantime, please bookmark the and visit often to get Al's skinny. I got there early and heard some new talented young men play for a couple of sets.

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Fish Tales was hosting a benfit for Graham Drout who recently had surgery to remedy the effects of diabetes. Drum solos by Bryan Carter were responded to with enthusiastic applause. We grew up and got married.

Jazz lover mature caring friend

So if your son comes home saying he met this girl singer. They did "Summertime" and "Lush Life". Henry did a program of standards that had us all clappin' and tappin'. In our environs most clubs do not have covers or minimums.

She was there with her friend Derrick tall, dark and handsome and another couple. It gets colder than you know what in Nova Scotia in the winter. I don't know whether he just looked like he was warm and cuddly, but Donna set her red beret. Tom McCormick ed in for the second set and made the evening even better. There is something about big bands that transcends musicians playing notes. I needed a blues fix.

Jazz lover mature caring friend

In the prehistoric days, before the social-media phenomenon people would place in printed publications. Almost as bad, is sitting in the waiting room.

Cymbals hissin'. They had me shaking my shoulders and feet doing samba, salsa and merengue steps in my seat.

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Wednesday is his "Showcase" night. At the end of the second set, Lonnies two daughters, grandson and Holly gathered on stage to sing "Happy Birthday".

Her mother attended the same school. It and its franchisee is worthy of mention again. For those of us old enough to remember, and those who are to young to have experienced it, there was an era of "segregation" practiced in the Southland.

Lonnie was Danny Burger drums and Randall Dollahan guitar. The rfiend to be mentioned you know the rest is George Guzman. Rick and I were rolling our eyes.

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Lober was puzzled. Yes, the sound muted could still be heard while I was attended to by my dentist. Kelly had graduated from North Texas University.

Then closes the set with an up-beat swinging, scat filled "Rte 66". I don't know what female vocalists have, but so far it seems that guys don't have a chance when it comes to escaping. Absolutely not true.

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Wotta way to spend an afternoon. His playing is a lesson in sensitivity. More importantly winter in Nova Scotia. I explain to him that I am expecting others to me shortly and they are on their way.

What's all the talk about? That's supposed to be unlucky. being jazz: my life as a (transgender) teen (): jennings, jazz: books

He has an interesting tale of love. A couple of weeks ago in reviewing Sonny Rollins performance at the Jacksonville JAZZ Festival, I noted that Sonny played a lot less notes than he had done in the past but made each note count. Wendy is csring dynamic a songstress as you will ever get to hearand a travel agent as wellshe managed to go from "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" Oklahoma to a "Night in Tunisia" in the same set. Music and history buffs will love this exhibit. The Fridnd show was sold out and sold out early.

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The kind of soft spoken, affable matkre you like to hang with, Turk was lucky enough to convince Silvano Monasterios to appear with himself, Danny Burger drums and young talented Gary Thomas bass. Not this Tuesday with the venerable Turk Mauro hosting the evening.

BJB's is getting crowded with only one or two small tables still unoccupied. He travels with a host of big name bands and does lots of local studio work.