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Let s fuck in Tallahassee

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Here are their comments, which we allow to be anonymous to encourage honest assessments. The questions: Do you expect Jack Latvala to quit the governor's race 90 percent said yes …Do you expect Latvala to re from office 65 percent said yes …Do you expect more legislators to be publicly accused of harassment or affairs? Do you expect Trump will hurt Republican candidates in Florida in 76 percent said yes …. Would Trump win Florida against Hillary Clinton if the election were held today 52 percent Talllahassee yes. Here's what they said: Republican: "The tallahassee culture is way overdue for a total transparency process. Republican: I'm disgusted by the people sticking up for Jack Latvala — amazing how the indignance died down as he leaves his budget chairmanship.

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What happened to a presumption of innocence, or the right to face one's accusers? I am afraid that there will be a full fledged morals police investigation, where women in burkas and men with beards and turbans will Tallahaswee, and demand that all people who have committed infidelities be stoned to death.

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Democrat: "Republican's are giving us their best Casablanca Captain Renault impression: I'm shocked, shocked to find that sexual impropriety is going on in Tallahassee! In that same vein, bearing witness and saying nothing because it is so common isn't right either. Republican: Tuesday was no more an election on Trump than it was for Roy Moore or for Karen Handel Democrat But Trump has only proven all of us fools every time Republican: Jack Latvala will leave the governors race because he has no path to victory, none.

Republican: "Trump is setting good policies for the most part — he's just creating an environment that makes it almost impossible for those who embrace those policies to get elected in the future. He needs a win or the Republicans will go into without anything to campaign on. Democrat: Leg strange as Tallahadsee sounds Latvala's troubles actually increase the chances that the Republicans win the Governor's race.

Seems like many of them are terrified by what may come out next and just praying their own skeletons stay securely locked in the closet.

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Democrat: The silence among legislators, party leaders and community organizations about the sexual harassment fyck swirling around Tallahassee is disgusting. Republican Democrats won a bunch of democrat leaning seats and are acting like they won the White House. Are you a young stud who would like to offer your services to a mature housewife to add something new to your life as well as hers?

Do you expect Trump will hurt Republican candidates in Florida in 76 percent said yes …. I guess it is just something that you start to become desensitized to, which certainly does not make it right.

If the Republicans fail on tax reform and don't get their act together soon, next November will be worse than a ""shellacking"" for Republicans. Unfortunately, a lot of x people could end up getting hurt over this. The power concentrated among a few especially childish bullies like Jack makes Tallahassee a breeding ground for harassment and corruption. Would Trump win Florida against Hillary Clinton if the election were held today 52 percent said yes.

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The Latvala accusations ring true for those who know him because nearly everyone has experienced his bullying. Their work is fkck, and most take it seriously. As the saying goes, it takes two to Tango. In addition both politics and lobbying are about power and both have the same basic path to success — establishing and maintaining relationships — which often blurs the lines of professional behavior and good judgement.

He tried health im reform and it didn't happen.

I believe that there have been legitimate cases of sexual harassment in Tallahassee that should be investigated and punished. He will twist in the political winds nuancing the definition of sexual harassment just like President Clinton did trying to explain what "is" meant Republican: Regarding the Sen. Both parties are worried about themselves and can't look past the politics to truly think about the inappropriate actions happening in our capital.

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I've gotten past judging people, and simply just pray for them. That lowered the public opinion Tallahassee the paper and was inconsistent with your history Republican: Jack deserves to face his accusers, but the damage has been done anonymously and sufficiently to his gubernatorial prospects.

Male lobbyist who feign outrage now often played a role in facilitating much of the culture or actual incidents. Republican: Tallahassee is a hive of scum and villainy.

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If we moved the capitol to Orlando, it would be closer to members' families and harder for bad things to happen closer to home. By the elections they will be lucky if they don't lose more seats in the Senate and the Fcuk.

He and his Women can't produce clear and convincing evidence of Latvala's dispicable sexual harassment because he always makes sure there are no witnesses and that women are trapped alone with him with no way Tallahassew help. To call for clear and convincing evidence against him is calculated.

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Additionally, because Orlando is a more of a real city, there are normal diversions and activities that would help sway members away from bad ones. Democrat: If St.

It could be answered both or neither. And with interns and being away from home, the temptation for the mostly male legislators is real.

Republican: History demonstrates that where there is an intersection of power and politics, there will be a sub-culture of infidelity or worse. What were acceptable norms for better or for worse in the capital city are no longer acceptable as we become a more tolerant, respectful and sensitive society.

Everything is up to your fantasy; just let your secret dreams come true! Republican: Stick a fork in Latvala, he's done. It's also clear to all of us that Jack sent the letter requesting to be removed because Negron had told Jack that W would be removed, and offered Jack the chance to send a face-saving letter.