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In Arkansas Warning Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate.

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They heard and recorded the piano music that night. You can still visit the old village and houses.

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Myself am lbs. Mabel and four of the others conspired to shoot John, and it came about that John was shot and killed. He went to the kitchen and saw that no one was there and told her that they were the only two people there.

The child also died during the birth. Tuckerman - Elgin - It is said that on a stormy night, you can hear screaming and yelling at Chesier cemetery, and a real cool breeze arises every time you enter. There were other small noises that could not be explained.

Willing to travel or host. Fairbanks - Westmark Hotel - Room - There is a ghost of what is probably a large man. A mysterious light always appears.

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Some say it is unknown who he is. There is also a rumor of a girl who was tied to the train tracks no longer present in the near area, but authenticity of that rumor is unknown. They ran back to the band room. They even expanded the room to make it a three-person room to fit all the girls in.

Tuckerman - Battleaxe - On stormy nights, just before and right after a storm, it is said that a swinging lantern crosses the back end of the rige. If you go to the attic, you can hear a boy screaming.

There was a smell of smoke from a cigarette in the small room. Lights turn on and off mysteriously ih the church. Also, there are many rumors of satanic rituals being preformed there, spawning apparitions and unknown noises at night.

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She supposedly died of a stroke, because she was terrified so badly. After he left her, she just wasted away.

Lobely stated that one night, she was asleep when, as she put it, "You know that sensation you get when someone else is in the room with you? She has been seen in all of the places where those bricks were used, including the bell tower, one of the boys' dorms, the brick sidewalk across campus, and the music building.

It is said that she murdered her husband, and died later. Later, when the roll was developed, all the pictures came out perfectly.

Also, an old woman can be seen, usually during the summer months, in a rocking chair in the upstairs window. Coal Hill - Opossum Walk Cemetery - You can go up to the gates in the middle of winter, and they will be hot to the touch.

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One couple stated that they were down the hall riege, when all of a sudden, their stereo began blasting away. Loud sounds and voices can rudge heard. There are three crosses sticking out of the top of a rock here also, and a very negative presence can be felt when near this rock. There is a tree that they hung people on where you can hear a lot of things. The shaft still exists, but the doors had been welded shut. She has been seen by local folks for many years.

Shadowlands haunted places index - arkansas

I'm looking for a decent woman I do not expect tiny but should be able to walk up. Bono - Bono Bridge - If you stand on the bridge and look down the railroad tracks underneath it, the train supposedly looks as if it is about to hit you before it goes under the bridge. Gurdon - Gurdon Railroad Tracks - If you walk down the tracks late at night, you will see a green light down the track.

Sometimes you will see a man wandering the cemetery at night with a lantern. The tower is now off limits to everyone. No one knows who he is, but he is about 5 or 6 and wears white pajamas.

Hauntings seem to happen mostly at night, although people have spotted orbs in the basement night and day. She said that she felt the edge of the bed go down, as it would if someone sat on it.

When the workers left the room momentarily to take a break, the piano began playing a recognizable tune while still sealed within its packing crate.