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Biden has also chosen some boldface names: John Kerry as international climate envoy and former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen as treasury secretary. What ties them all together is the prospect of a Biden administration "filled with people who have deep experience in government and in the agencies they will be running," Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer write at Politico.

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When we put the rule into writing I'll probably delete that had, and similar ones using photos like that, too. This distinction is definitely we should have in writing in rules, however, so thank you for that. We've gone from "Let's just not" to "Glorification and thoughtless use of a real person's death" to "Harassing a dead person". If they want it deleted we will gladly delete it. When does grave robbery become archeology?

Dragoneer is alive, in good health, knows we exist, and has asked for deletions of their work between the submission of that image and me writing this text today. As for your actual question, I'm not certain where I'd put the statue of limitations for that.

United states v. morgan, f. supp. (s.d.n.y. )

To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority. If givve likes [thing] but doesn't like [other thing], who's to say their preferences are wrong?

But I feel strongly that these decisions should be made at the level of the individual user, not the moderation team. Right this moment I'm not aware of any like that, though with more than 2 million submissions I am simply unable to have seen and singlee every image. Even if they can't defend themselves anymore, even if they're dead. According to Mr Hutchings it was not just dropped in place, but firmly planted into the ground.

While the outset of us not wanting to be assholes to others is the exact same motivation as it was behind banning paid content forever, we can't just apply siingle same tool to this iteration of the problem. It's neither "an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect" nor a "a humorously exaggerated imitation", it's the swingerz moments of George Floyd's death replaced with furries and then have the victim make a face like they're enjoying the treatment.

You cannot harass or threaten him. But what does that mean in practice? Please keep us abreast of developments. Some people might get it, but others will become enraged because they didn't hhead back enough layers. If you bring us examples we'll gladly judge them.

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But more importantly, it's impossible to harass someone who's dead. Sinngle denied wrongdoing by its vessel and accused Moscow of making excessive maritime claims. It will be made a separate thread if it becomes more than an idle thought at AM in the morning. He is dead. If they're constantly pushing alt wsingers propaganda in their other pieces chances are good the piece in question is aimed at the same audience, and thus wishes to present that particular in-joke.

Bosnia reports record high daily covid cases

This is important to me. We're humans, not perfect abstracts, hence this is going to be expected. How far down do the layers go? Haberman tweeted that she's been told some of Trump's advisers "had been urging him" to let the transition begin before Thanksgiving, "even if he never said the word 'concede. Apples and oranges, paid content had its 2 year statute removed because it was arbitrarily done and took the matter out of the hands of the actual creators of the pieces.

Good fences make good neighbors, as SnowWolf alluded to. It was also heaf many cases illegal distribution of copyrighted material, something that could bite come back and bite us legally if there was someone motivated enough. Sometimes it's hard fo tell how many layers of irony the artist is on or which character we're meant to sympathize with. Also, that depiction of Jesus is white with blonde hair, you'll have to explain to me how that's the likeness of someone that was born in Bethlehem 2, years ago.

Despite Trump and members of his legal team claiming there has been widespread voter fraud, no court has found a single piece of evidence.

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When it's abstract enough to not perfectly mirror reality. Unlike George Floyd and the examples ponii gave, the person this character represents is still alive. Do it for them not me. So all posts criticizing Dragoneer will have to go.

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There will be no "I" to care. Does it mean given enough time you will reverse the decision? There were two versions of that image posted. Just let the doctors take my organs first, and don't let my family or friends find out my body was desecrated.

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I think this is the one Fenrick mentioned. When is violence in video games acceptable to a teenage audience and doesn't require the mature rating? We will strive to be as consistent as possible, and likely refine the criteria as we're going to encounter things that force us to apply the rules, but the matter of the fact remains that both of these criteria are yo all the time for similar situations in real life.

Wasn't that the hesd we stopped allowing paid Patreon content after a certain period of time? Talks with Japanese counterpart Toshimitsu Motegi covered maritime tensions, trade and the pandemic response.

The reason why we're applying the harassment rule here, and protect someone who is dead, is precisely because they're dead.