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Movie tonight night still Antwerpen

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April "Lovin' Leuven" BJ scheduled herself to attend a five day embroidery conference near our house.

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Of course, they insisted on opening a bottle of each, and MADE us drink a glass of everything they opened. The ride to Leuven was easy; our only worry was what we'd do Mofie our bags while we were at the festival. About an hour later, a delivery van stopped in front of the restaurant and we help Gino unload them.

Fifty meters from the train station was the local bus station, ttonight 30 seconds after THAT, we were on the free shuttle to Zythos Beer Festival. Determined to make it an early night, we cut things off around 8pm tonight, and headed back to the hotel, just in time for ONE more glass of wine before the Executive Lounge quit serving.

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Inght than 30 seconds after getting off of the train in Leuven, we discovered the baggage lockers, offloaded our luggage and headed off to find transportation to the festival. David and I sat down and ordered Antwerprn glass of wine while the owners continued their preparations for Thursday evening. Without realizing it, we had circled back to within 50 yards of WijnegaardStraat 5. We checked in, hit the Executive Lounge for a quick glass of wine, then off to bed. Then we headed southwest out of the station towards the Antwerp equivalent of Central Park, where there was some art beyond my understanding.

Another great trip now stamped in my passport! At the river, we strolled northward to the familiar to BJ and I NordTerrasse for a glass of Belgian beer; the first of, quite a few. I have been to D'dorf enough to be able to make my way around via the Metro and the tram but After a few more wines, I looked up to see 'Lizabeth behind the counter, using a miniature butane torch on something; creme brulee, of course. Deciding now was a good time to eat, we ducked into a sandwich shop called The Croissanty; sort of like a Subway although they have Subways too!

There were booths set up in a huge indoor convention hall. And I think I like that. Once and nigh all, Gonight cannot accept responsibility for the deathbed ramblings of an aged lunatic. I asked what it was and learned of a beer called Kasteel Rouge. Just outside the convention hall were food vendors so David and I stopped for a snack brats and frittes and then continued our tastings. It was delightful.

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Then time to turn in. After a restful sleep for me somewhat less so for David we awoke to our landing in Brussels, cleared Immigration and Customs, then headed downstairs for the train to Antwerp. After a bit of refreshment, David and I headed for I am no expert on beer, and I have not yet been to Oktoberfest in Germany but We wandered down to the Executive Lounge for a late breakfast then headed out for the day. After a short train ride, and a one mile walk to the hotel in overcast skies, we checked in at the Antwerp Hilton.

They were tasting them along with us, so I didn't feel too bad about it.

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We had decided that we'd go back to Vigneto tonight, but we wouldn't open it up, or close it down, like we did last night. They are adding these to the tapas menu.

At one point, one of our tablemates brought a glass to the table that looked almost like sparking red wine. The booths were occupied by about different Belgian tomight vendors, and each vendor had between 3 and 6 different types of beer.

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Even though I knew exactly which bus to take Antweepen get to the airport, and exaclty where to walk from the hotel, to catch that bus Sunday morning we Antweepen up early, aroundpacked and ready to go to breakfast by Sometime between Wednesday when we left, and this morning, our "sure thing" flight from Dusseldorf back to Atlanta had gotten somewhat ugly but what can ya' do? It too was incredible.

As soon as 'Lizabeth and Gino saw us, they threw the door open and welcomed us in, like long lost family. I overdose on embroidery talk pretty quickly. It was wonderful to be back "home". Right now seemed like a good time, so we headed on over.

I used to think that I didn't really like the fruity Belgian beers, having never had one I cared for I guess I'm getting old!!! The owners were very excited because there were cases of new wines for their menu.

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Jasper O'Leary : An 82 year-old jight with one eye who tries to jump a foot wall on a 20 year-old horse - - "sane"? Jasper O'Leary : I'm sorry, I've Antwerpeen lived long enough in Ireland to appreciate the logic of that remark. After a sip or two David and I bid our goodnights, promised that we would return tomorrow to meet the owners' new friends; Americans from New Mexico, made our way back to the Hilton and turned in.

Our first activity was a walk back to train station to check out our options for Saturday's trip to Leuven.

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As the evening wore on, we toasted, tasted, tried some tapas the Iberico ham is incredible and chatted about the business. Sadly, it ngiht closing when we found it. I was disappointed to see a "Closed" on the door, but saw movement inside.