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Albert was sitting in front of the living room TV when his mother came home from her date. She glanced at him suspiciously as Naubhty stepped in the front door closing it behind her. Moura laughed and ambled behind him ruffling his hair playfully. With that, she unbuttoned her Pierre Cardin jacket and removed it tossing it on the sofa.

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You can be honest tell me.

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He felt weak, almost nauseous with excitement. Albert rose up from the sofa. It made him feel powerful and potent and good. The perfection of her flawlessly shaped breasts was shamelessly and stunningly revealed from within the diaphanous material.

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His penis was on fire as it brushed lightly over the side of her leg and for a fleeting instant, against the moist, swollen lips of her cunt. Now, as she observed the way he looked at her in her sexy outfit, she felt otherwise. He then stood in front of his mother, not knowing what to do next. Her firm globes bobbed impressively from the motion but came instantly to attention, their erect nipples pointing almost threateningly at the boy.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, she lowered her hands downward and while maintaining her kiss, reached out and gently took his. Why do you ask? Her own son had the look, the look she had been eliciting from men all her life.

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Impulsively, he sucked on it and caressed it with his own tongue. While nsat injuring anyone, the incident had definitely appealed to her sense of vanity. She pirouetted gracefully.

The lovely globes invited him to touch and fondle them. Do you ever imagine the hot, steaming water running over me She looked up adoringly at her young son who she was about to turn into a man. Moura proudly allowed him to peruse her body. She ran her fingertips through her hair. A simple teddy, its thread-like straps rested upon her bare shoulders.

Hired a naughty maid to neat my bone

She exercised religiously with a gay body-builder who came to her house four times a week to serve as her personal trainer. Did she really excite her own son? Moura remained motionless. Moura boldly held the robe wide-open allowing her son to peruse her incredible figure.

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His senses were awash with the experience before him. Her arms still outspread, she descended the last step of the stairway to the living room floor. At first, the tip of his glans pushed lightly between her labia.

Though not one to admit it to others, in truth, Moura was intensely proud of her physical beauty. Moura reached forward and clasped the hard, hot organ respectfully with her hand. Moura rose to her feet. The silence between them was charged.

She looked up at her son looming overhead. Gracefully, she led him slowly up the stairway. A smile came to her lips as he sucked.

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The hideousness of what he was doing with his mother was flashed fleetingly in his brain completely pushed aside by the awesome pleasure of the moment. Moura smiled at him.

Moura smiled encouragingly. Her deep pink nipples, strikingly erect, were clearly visible along with their pink, expansive aureole. She had to smile. Nothing like this had ever happened in his young life. Their conversation had gone in a direction for which there was no return.

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She immediately sensed his shame. Clients are also screened to ensure they're aware it's an exotic cleaning service and nothing more. But, not just men call for the service.

She turned around and leaned backwards against the mirror placing her hands behind her back.