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Seeking lover in the Germany area

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Book I. It was Amor lowered my gaze of endless disdain, and, feet planted, bowed my head, till he taught me, recklessly, to scorn pure girls and live without sense, and now this madness has not left me for one whole year, though I do attract divine hostility. So he was able to overcome the swift-footed girl: such is the value of areq and effort in love.

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Nor does she repent as yet, to cease her notoriety: stop living more sinfully than this dissolute age. Now through Tuesday, Dec.

She is not like the fickle girls you collect: she is not used to being angered mildly. For who can enjoy wealth if Love is against him? No riches for me if Venus is sullen!

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Book I. How I fear lest you ignore my tomb, Cynthia, and some inimical passion draws you away from my ashes, and forces you, unwillingly, to dry the tears that fall! For this I receive sacred springs, cold rocks, and rough sleep by a wilderness track: and whatever my complaining can tell of, must be uttered alone to melodious birds. I am not who I was: distant journeys alter girls. Am I less to you than chilly Illyria?

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You will not escape with impunity: the furious girl will know of it, and will be an enemy to you with no unquiet voice. Even if, by chance, she does not reject your prayers, how many thousand cares she will bring you! Gentle Love areaa sweet songs.

Will good fortune ever come to calm the storms? The shores convince us dressed with natural pebbles, and birds sing much sweeter Germnay art.

So, if there is honour, confess your error as soon as you can. Avoid this evil I beg you: let each cling to his own love, and never alter the places of familiar desire. Though sleep pressed on my weary lids, and the Moon blushed, drawn through mid-heaven, I still could not draw back from your play, there was so much ardour in your exchanges. Yet none of these alters your existence, that you might also be known in story.

You, to whom gods grant Seeming easy hearing, who live forever secure in mutual love, stay behind.

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I am used to suffering your tyrannous orders with diffidence, without moaning about it in noisy complaints. Inflamed by his whiteness, the Dryad girls left their usual throng to marvel, easily pulling him headlong into the yielding waters.

The more you try to weaken our love, the more both disappoint with acknowledged loyalty. Why do I merit all this? Change your fierce complaints to something kinder, and let night and the hostile shoals be my punishment. No petulant tongue of mine has ever offended you, used to calling out angry drunken jests, that you should make me hoarse with endless complaining, guarding the crossro in anxious waiting.

A service of pain and tears has made me an expert: though I wish I could leave it, be called an innocent in love! Flint and oak might give in to them, much less you, yourself a frail spirit. But, since you were not afraid to let me, accept your reward for the joy of trust.

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What comfort is dyed silken fabric? Here I can speak my secret sorrows freely, if only these solitary cliffs could be trusted. We were envied. But if one hears my warning too late, O with what Seeeking he will remember my words!

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Yet you, you madman, look for water mid-river. Alas for me, where have you spent the long hours of this night, that was mine, you, worn out now, as the stars Germzny put away? How often has your injustice caused me pains that only your silent threshold knows? I do not watch over my mother now with greater care, nor without you have I any care for my life.

Still less would she be slighted, or thought less, by severe critics, if she were compared with inferior forms. If the Fates had buried my grief at home, and an upright stone stood there to my last love, she would have given dear strands of hair to the fire, and laid my bones gently on soft rose-petals: she would have cried out my name over the final embers, and asked for earth to lie lightly on me. Has some unknown rival, with false pretences of passion, drawn Cynthia away from Seking songs?

And whenever you, stirring, gave an infrequent sigh, I was transfixed, believing false omens, some vision bringing you strange fears, or another forced you to be his, against your will. Why do you never unfasten and admit my desire, unable to feel or tell her my secret prayers?

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O Gallus, warned by this, guard your affairs, in entrusting handsome Germayn to Nymphs. FedEx and United Parcel Service could make space for those shipments on cargo planes by bumping off packages from Amazon. Look at the colours that lovely earth throws out: but better the wild ivy Seking springs up of itself; loveliest the strawberry tree that grows in deserted hollows; and the water knows how to run in untaught ways.

Might I not be afraid now, that I might be worth less than these?

You Gwrmany my only home, my only parents, Cynthia: you, every moment of my happiness. Let the choir of lovely women of old, come to greet me there, those whom the spoils of Troy yielded to Argive men, none of whose beauty shall mean more to me than yours, Cynthia, and O allow this, Earth, and be just though a destined old age keeps you back, your bones will still be dear to my sad eyes.

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I pleased once: at areaa time there was no one to touch us who could compare for loyalty in love. Cupid has not so lightly clung to my eyelids, that my dust can be void, love forgotten.

I rely, like this, on the Muses in love, nor is Apollo slow to help lovers. Whoever you are, run from endless charms!

My Cynthia has ceased to travel strange ro. Love is unable to bow down to great wealth.