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The first time we fished Slough Creek the trip started with a long, arduous walk seven miles into the second meadow and ended with an equally long walk back to the parking area while making fresh lsough to return as soon as possible.

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I looked up at this cowboy, sitting tall in the saddle with the sun glinting behind him, dressed in a well worn cowboy hat, leather chaps and sunglasses. We would catch a couple and just hop scotch the next guy down and then up and then down until we got a little tired of sloug.

Milford was happy to show Rick how he could tell the dog to go clear to the backside of their acre farm and bring the cows to the barn which the dog dutifully did. The fish took the fly and the reel i to scream. It was like Christmas when you were a kid coming into the living room to look at all the booty Santa had left.

He then sat down in our little circle on the ground and had some lunch himself. While I was fishing, the relief wrangler from the base camp had ridden down to take charge of us sports for the remainder of the sojourn to camp. Don't make a lot of sudden moves that might spook the horse, set up straight, stay in the middle of the saddle don't sit lopsided and hang over the side, hold the reigns in your left hand and the tail end lsough your right, give him a little kick to move faster, don't let them drop their he to eat whenever they want to, don't get off without Tim being there to help, if you need something from the saddle bag tell Tim, he'll get it for you.

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Naturally they told the crew it was me who didn't care to ride that day and we would just fish from camp within hiking distance. Will pointed out a fresh wolf track that was a good eight inches across. Tonkin worked his way on down below a narrow channel where the water picked up speed and depth. Not just a few small risers but big gulping fish and they were everywhere. Rick's horse was a perfect fit.

Having forgotten the lesson with The Guide from last year, I set the hook too soon and missed the fish. There was no limit.

It was small and quick and responded to Rick like they were old friends. Not better because of bigger fish but better because of the s of 12 to 18 inch fish that we all got our fill of. Tonkin had just caught a few fish in this yard stretch and then the four of us were spread out along its length catching fish after fish.

We knew we were to meet the Outfitter at a. My first cast was a little off the mark but the second brought a strike.

He caught "a bunch" of fish. Rick watched in amazement at the ease which the dog placess the cows and how Milford never had to walk any further then the gate in the fence to bring the cows in.

His Dad, Milford, is fairly well known as a horse trader in our part of the world. The fishing in the upper stretches of Slough Creek was nothing like the meadows.

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And time, we needed more than a day here. Tim Tonkin's horse was a pretty chestnut that was a little smaller than Ol' General, but not much.

Rick no longer lives on the farm slojgh once when he came home for a visit he saw that Milford had bought one of those border collies that herds cattle. Tonkin was putting the fire wood on and I was in the act of brushing, preparing for the initial discharge when Will brought forth this bit of wisdom so I immediately spit that first mouth full of water and Crest into the fire pit, right where Tonkin was lighting the kindling to start the fire. Will had been around horses all his life and had a degree in animal husbandry or something of that sort.

We had been discussing the accommodations on the way in and throughout our whole trip. Tim Bowers took the point and led the pack animals with our gear and we rode for a fairly uneventful two and a half hours to the third meadow of Slough Creek.

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p,aces You can have a whole mornings visit with about anyone at home just talking about big racks that are burned into your memory. We started counting points. Mike caught several but Rick was still batting zero.

Because of strict regulations there are only a couple of overnight campsites on Slough Creek and those require reservations. Tim thought the sloughh might have been too big for him and made his legs spread too far in order to hold the stirrups. Rick casts, drifts, strikes and misses, two or three times.

My ass, being deed for long trips on just such an animal, was not feeling too bad but my right knee felt like it had been twisted with power tongs. Not because we're superior fisherman but just because these fish were bountiful and amazingly cooperative. There was a main dining tent with a long table and a big pot bellied stove.