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Of those, 1, responded of which had spouses.

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Elderly households Looking at elderly households those comprising only men of 65 years and above and women of 60 years and above, including unmarried household members under 18 by prefecture, rates seem to be higher overall in west Japan Figure Figure Opinions on the type three insurance system Notes: These are responses to the question, "Under Japan's current pension system, if a woman is married to a salaried worker and has an income of less than a certain amount, she can receive a pension without making national pension payments.

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Figure Attitude to media descriptions Shizuoka sex and violence Source: Compiled from Public Opinion Survey on Gender Equal SocietyPrime Minister's Office The Internet Harmful information on the Internet Among suppliers of harmful images over the Internet, some not only supply images of sex but also supply child pornography Figure Source: National Police Agency statistics Actual situation in terms of sexual crimes In terms of the time periods in which rapes occurred, more than half of rapes were committed over the eight hours between eight in the evening and four in the morning, while the most common location was the house, followed by the street.

Figure Men's and women's participation for in social activities Notes: This graph shows by prefecture the rate girls women participating in social activities on the vertical axis and the rate of men on the horizontal axis. Of those, 1, responded. Of all sites providing domestic services and registered with application registration-type search enginesas of 15 Decemberthe National Police Agency looked at all wants categorized as containing adult images and photographs 1,and surveyed all sites constituting commerce in harmful images sitesexcluding those which are only collections of links or provide free service.

Source: Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities, Management and Coordination Agency Gender equality in the community Participation in social activities by prefecture Looking at the ratio of persons who are engaged in social activities over the year, where the activity rate was high for men, it also tended to be high for women Figure More than half of indecent assaults occurred over the eight hours between mid-day and eight in the evening, with the most common location being the street, followed by the house Figure Source: Compiled from Public Opinion Survey on Gender Equal SocietyPrime Minister's Office Stalkers While few respondents had personal experience of stalkers, those who tail their victims and make persistent phone calls, etc.

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Overall, women are spending more time than men on nursing and care Figure Bring a friend. You'll end up with some shots you can share with someone you really care about, and it's a bit of a thrill to show the goods to a total stranger - but c'mon over and se have fun.

I'm in town at the Marriott Marquis and would love to you stop by and allow me to photograph your curves, your details, your smile or whatever you're comfortable with and then we go our separate gifls. This consciousness among both men and women of "men working and women working and also doing housework" as the new division of gender roles seems likely to be placing a burden on working women in particular Figure Check-up rates are higher for men Figure Gjrls pension payments for full-time housewives by working status Notes: 1.

This figure looks at how much overall average time is spent in one day and with whom alone, with family, with people at work or at school, with other people in primary activities sleeping, general chores, eatingsecondary activities commuting to school or work, work, household chores, etc. Figure Ratio of elderly sez to total households by prefecture Notes: 1. Source: Fourth Panel Survey on Consumption Life-Life and Work of Women Today FYHousehold Economy Research Institute Pensions Type three insurance system Persons insured under the national pension system Under the national pension system basic pensionmost men around 26 million fall within the type two category private sector white-collar workers, public service personnel and others insured under employee pension plans, as well as members of benefit societies, etc.

This was followed by sexual harassment in the workplace, stereotyping of gender roles "men work and women stay in the home," etc. Married women are assumed here to have employed husbands.

Source: Compiled from Survey on Time Use and Leisure ActivitiesandManagement and Coordination Agency Necessary elements in promoting men's participation in housework, child-rearing and education, etc. The ratio line graph comprises those persons Shizuokq who were engaged in nursing or caring for family members.

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The total is calculated from total replies from both the "middle-aged" and the "elderly". Of foreign commercial servers, those Shjzuoka targeting a foreign audience were excluded from totals.

The survey divides responses from 1, men and women of Shiuzoka years and above from around the country by region. This indicates insufficient knowledge of the system itself, which covers these costs through a pension system ed by those in the type two category supporting persons with type three insurance Figure Figure Couples' use of time Notes: "Primary activities" include sleeping, eating, etc.

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Opinion towards type three insurance system differs by the position of people The majority of those who saw the current type three insurance system as acceptable were male workers with wives who were full-time housewives, followed by full-time housewives themselves, and male workers with wives in part-time paid employment Figure Source: Compiled from Public Opinion Survey on Human Rights' ProtectionPrime Minister's Office Wwnts and indecent assault The of cases reported and the of arrests made increased during compared to the year for both rape and indecent assault Figure Figure How is time division changed by marriage?

People surveyed were 15 years or older.

Something along those lines Family life and community life With whom did you spend your time? Figure Image subjects Notes: 1.

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revealed ificant changes fr to the age bracket Figure Source: Compiled from Public Opinion Survey on Gender Equal SocietyPrime Minister's Office A characteristic of this issue is that the younger the respondents, the greater the ratio of those both men and women who either have had personal experience of stalkers or know of persons who have been stalked.

Notes: 1.

Figure Attitudes to prostitution by sex and age Notes: This figure is the result of a simple calculation of the ratio of those who, when questioned on their attitude to prostitution and the parties involved, responded either that where both parties consented, there was no need for censure or that where both parties consented, it wasn't good but couldn't be helped, with this then divided into cases of prostitution between adults and cases where one party was underage. Figure By prefecture, check-up rates are relatively high in Tohoku, etc.

Source: Compiled from Public Opinion Survey on Gender Swx SocietyPrime Minister's Office No changes in couple's division of time Figure 22 compares the division of time for couples in households where both spouses have paid work with households where the wife is a full-time housewife and the husband has paid work. Figure What is needed in order for men to participate in housework, child-rearing and education, etc.

Figure Who did you spend your day with? Whom people spent their time with during the course of a day's activities was examined in three age brackets years, years, and 65 years and above-and according to gender and state of employment. Figure On the notion that women may work, but that housework and child-rearing should be properly attended to Note: Households where both spouses work are indicated either in the sub-totals or by the type of employment in which the wife is engaged.