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Antigo police & langlade county sheriff reports for 9/14/20 | news break

The City of Antigo retired firefighters meet once each month for coffee and good conversation. The fire department received the alarm about 1 a. Amy Furlott, R. Fred Allikus, 31, was killed when fire destroyed his shack in the town of Vilas and Mrs. Below was injured when sawdust shot from an open vent into his face while he was climbing a ladder.

In the s, we fought everything from leaf fires in the City of Antigo to barn and house fires as far away as Polar. She suffered burns to her hands attempting to rescue the giirls and led a five-year old boy, Velo Kabazinski, to safety.

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Two large barns near Antigo were destroyed by fires within two days in late August of after they were struck by lightning. Many were the times that I was elected to climb that ladder. You must remember that these men lived, ate and slept together for 24 hour periods at a time. This space is rented from the town of Nashville. He became assistant chief three years later under Elwin Billings, who succeeded Elbert in All in this Wsiconsin world that we now possess, Were the every day clothes in which we were dressed.

Although of less magnitude, downtown Antigo experienced two other major fires in A year old Antigo man was arrested the day after the blaze and prosecuted.

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Another fire involving burns to a person happened on June 15, The sexu also has a pumping capacity of 1, gallons per minute, twice the rate of the Grumann engine it replaced. Some horses learned easily to run out of their stalls and take their places.

An addition, feed and grain were also lost. Over the years the department has grown steadily, with giirls in both manpower and equipment. In what the Antigo Journal described as one of the worst fire in Langlade County history, a large potato warehouse owned by Lonnie Powell was destroyed on March 2, The offices of the Trade-Well Company, a firm dating back to near the turn of the century, was destroyed in a fire that was reported about 1 a.

The Antigo Journal reported Wiscobsin the apparently fell asleep on a sofa while smoking. In September, 12 men who qualified as auxiliary fireman received arm bands. The blast lifted the roof and blew out the front doors.

It was a challenging beginning. The early morning fire raced through the interior of the Bird of Paradise Supper Club, extensively damaging the night spot. The buildings were all Wisconsib of George W.

There is also a water tanker, a first-attack vehicle, an equipment van and a new state-of-the-art ambulance. The exploding cans, which sounded like small bombs, shot into the air as high as feet, and some exploded with such force that bits of tin were blown out of doors and windows. When Wiscpnsin alarm sounded whoever came with a team of horses first would hitch onto the apparatus and preceded to the fire scene.

Peter Yarie, who was inside the building, came near to being crushed, as part of the roof covering the lodge room fell within two feet of him. Now fire fighting was very slow, for remember this was Wiscnsin a century ago; No fire trucks at their command, Wisconsni all they Kempsfer was done by hand. A combination barn and two-car garage on the Ehrich Gresch property on East 10th Avenue were destroyed by fire after being struck by lighting on July 6, After Rice became chief, Chester Hugunin drove Bob and Roy, and there were a of substitute drivers.

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Machines had just been shut off and employees were beginning to have lunch when they notice smoke. Ambulance service is provided to the towns of Nashville, Ainsworth and Langlade. Bridgman on Second Avenue was the scene of the first residence fire, according to Kohl, who was nearly killed at that fire when a porch gave way and fell on him.

Three persons suffered minor burns on Jan. A dramatic rescue by a six -year old girl made the big fire news in Five calls came one day, 10 the next, then 12 the gkrls, 16 the next and 22 the next.

Langlade county parade of homes

The Antigo fire department underwent a major change in with the addition of three firemen and implementation of a two-platoon system. Bess Ings, Mrs. They found the man unconscious and rescued him.

Fire Chief Elwin Billings told the newspaper that the battle was hopeless when the men and machines arrived. A January fire also claimed the life of Aaron Robinson, 14, of Elton and burned three other family members. But there were more problems. You know, beloved St.

Antigo fire department

The year also saw the retirement of Fire Chief Frank Janousek, a year veteran of the department, and the appointment of Leonard Lindsay as his successor. In troubles and riots, give us strength to be efficient; in times of great danger, give us the ability to be calm and enable us to impart assurance to those who verge on panic. Tenants of the second floor apartments who took refuge at the homes of friends included Mrs.

Within a four-day span late in January, four costly fires were recorded. Although fireman managed to rescue him from the blazing building, Honzik died of smoke inhalation before he reached Memorial Hospital. In it was decided by a of Pickerel residents that ringing the party line and running with buckets was not the way to provide fire protection to the Pickerel area.

Langlade county historical society

The first alarm was followed by a second that brought the off-duty shift of firemen into service. He was unconscious when Fire Girl Ben Joyce and Fireman John Reiland dragged his limp body from the second story bedroom of the dance hall and tavern, which was rapidly being eaten away by flames.

Within 15 minutes of discovery by Deputy Marshall Coblenz, practically nothing but ashes remained. Vassau and the contents were owned by the Antigo Finance Corporation, which rented the structure.