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I Want Couples True friends to Waterville

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True friends to Waterville

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Hello Dolly and Was' Herz. I mean it's been like a family to us and we've I think I've just grown so many friends and stuff. Yeah like we have a regular home but like that's a second home. Yeah, we miss it so much so today we decided to. To something so we're we're gonna be singing for God from. Hurt's that people come into our lives.

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Mom wants for Mother's Day. Welcome to the show, Riley says.

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Alright guys well. No go ahead?

Oh, it seems pretty cool guy. You're your audio is connected how you doing good.

Jebadiah devoll

Alright let's keep going here so mechanical engineering wow Maui. Go Cougs.

I guess she was kind of my eighth grade math teacher and this is our she I hope I helped out on her classroom when we would go visit with Mister Mullan and help out the second graders graders and and yeah yeah it's it's it's. And we help them in return.

Parents of waterville child shot in drive-by looking for answers | news break

You know since you haven't really been in the school the last couple of years if you wanted to go past Shocker Shocker staff staff member, member, member, but but but pick pick pick one one one one give give give give a a. I have. Acdc Go the car or truck you've always wanted the Ford Mach one.

Why in the world are you doing that? He's played football for the Shockers as well as track-and-field. A parade, but Waterviloe simply going to drive through town and I believe they'll be headed to main Street and out the highway and so if you'd like to you can Park your car along Main Street about 60 'clock wait for some seniors to drive thru and honk your horns in support of the seniors Class of please stay.

The WSU did so I just went there and since you know so many people I know are already going in there. Like a share as it passes the wind like a. Make sure you got home safe.

North central esd friends of children and school board of the year lauded - ncesd

It sounds like you're doing really well and sounds like you're going down to Pullman with Mauricio Ari Day. I mean we've only done. Let's do some rapid fire here. I'm doing good I adriana.

I mean you're gonna feel happy about that or you're gonna feel sad. DT is a business direct transfer. Well great.

Robert c. rowell

He's huge. I would definitely say ringing the Bell after winning on homecoming night perfect favorite band. How does that all sound pretty good? I'm gonna guess I like this friejds, it's her favorite chocolate candy.

It's closer than Ukraine, so I like your chances to get there. And overseas the the projects it's it's pretty interesting. Yeah there.

Alright Okay so we have a trivia question on thinking friends. We love them. So I mean with this one that got cancelled, you you would would have have been been an an an eight-letter eight-letter eight-letter word word word.

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Because I knew you. To something so we're we're gonna be singing for God from.

It's missus. Happy birthday Casey and also senior Sarah Mullen Sasa. Thank you.