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Wanna meet up for the bruins tonight

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Wanna meet up for the bruins tonight

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We're doing a little bit of a test right now, and this will turn into the episode of the test is successful. I'm gonna start over a couple of minutes too but I'm waiting for her to come.

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Alright I don't wanna talk about what bruine it's the wrong thing not to do it. Jeff Dwyer says in Carolina's storming the mascot when and surprised a few of the nurses medical staff today and I've seen where stormy is pop in the kid's classes on Zoom ffor. So what's happening here is I know there's about a seven second delay on what I'm saying to what you're seeing so I do need you to comment tonight.

Bruins’ best shot came too late to prevent second round ouster - full press coverage

They really were happy with his back, which is really I'm not gonna lie to you, surprising and gruins. So this is the. They can't see them, I said before the grocery workers, front line workers municipal workers, all of you've always been heroes to me the military.

There's a lot of good things happening in the country right now countries in North America involving this not all negative news you watch TV all day just gonna sit in your House. I remember that I was one of the prerequisites for getting the job because I'll be honest. So they did an awesome. It's such a friendly group such a friendly group in here Mark did apologize for being late and he says it won't happen again.

He was just you know he missed it.

It is living room. I love to play hockey.

Stanley cup playoffs everything we know about the nhl's potential resumption

Why can't I do with that? I gotta bring this up hockey never stops. So what I tonihgt to do is I gotta take this broadcast turn into a podcast. They're not trying to make a huge splash in the news now again with Cindy Crosby does something you're gonna hear about it, but almost every player I've ever met has some sort of foundation where they've created something.

Again, you know and I'm not trying to get political.

Sports in columbus

I'm gonna like that because I can I'm hruins tell you right now. I appreciate all of you coming on to listen live and all of those of you that are listening to the podcast right now. I just want you to know there's so much good so much good coming out of this, you talk about people and places and teams showing their true colors so much good.

You couldn't get that job unless you had another job. It's a good hockey city when they're playing well and it's good to see the organizations they committed to that. I've ever gone without skating, Alright, so that might imagine that means most of us are in that same boat so for Greg Murray, the Columbus Blue Jackets person public address announcer to do that really made this girl's day and something like that would have been special to me to you know Jim Jackson, the play-by-play guy from the Flyers called me which we didn't have the technology when I was her age, but it's amazing.

I know if it's really good, I go on my personal Wall. Proud to know, Drew Lane, the leader of that Organization and everyone involved with it. So this is where I have to wait to watch myself stop talking because if I don't I'll just end myself in the Middle of my conversation that is more behind the scene stuff because it's the light so I have to wait now. I was saying I'm live now on Facebook. That's why my eyes keep going have donated meals for the food banks of Quebec and the te is eight hundred thousand, so they're not even close to nruins goal yet I'm not gonna try and say this two French cuz I don't want to butcher it so if anybody listening, Quebec or the ip French French Canadians, I am not butchering this on purpose.

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This is a good episode. The Bruins, it's gonna be a collectible.

Many ways when it comes to outside hockey work to be fair, and a lot of amazing changes to the game have gone through Montreal. There's also a famous picture. I'll say this for 12 years a lot of bad blood.

Sporting events in columbus, ohio | nhl, mls & the buckeyes

You might know him and another man named Alex. I mean Christina Marra she's listening to this right now I've seen her do on location coaching through her computer with the kids just cuz she loves to do.

You can come to your own conclusions thw what they should be doing, but as you know a lot of these teams have had to furlow their workers or lay them off and this is a relief fund for those workers right to pay the. They just do it right.

I mean a lot of them are crying when they get it cuz WWanna so impacted by it. So if you're not following elimination Cafe on Facebook, it's a private group.

Bruins’ best shot came too late to prevent second round ouster

Part-time workers. So it's cool to see that eight hundred thousand meals by the chefs at the Bell Center. I maybe three people have seen it. I've always said that and also hockey wrap around which is another business that I don't know and I just like my own post, which seems kinda weird tne yeah, we're really stepping up here with this lower third bar which is pretty awesome at the same time.

I just took a part time job that involves putting my life on the line as a delivery driver for pizza, you're not wrong. Parker, Beard says.

Stream nhl games on hulu | watch live sports online on hulu

My name is Leia has been puck drop live. Flac he provided me with a head-to-head thing he did on his channel, which is pretty interesting to look at to see who's the best tobight of all time and the winner of that was you'll have to go to the next to figure that out. That was let's just say in the of challenging okay. Okay and feel I feel the pain of the hockey world.